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Towards a Digital Society
Quantitatives Analysis
Luxembourg  December 01 - 02, 2011
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Methods of registration

First, you have to register



You can regulate your share in the expenses for the conference's organization, directly on our bank with a credit card.

If you chose a other way for the payment, please follow the indicated rules.



First, you must be member:

The participation in the conference requires to be member of our association.
Several formulas are proposed to be member

As Individual : 125 €
We can delivre a receipt
As Professional : 500 €
It allows your company, institution, service, undertaken to register three other collaborators at the manifestations of the AEA to the tariff member. This registration can be the subject of an invoice or a purchase order.
You can regulate your annual fee to be member at the same time as your registration for the conference

Second, you have to pay your contribution at the expenses for the conference's organization :

Contribution at the expenses for the organization
Personal Subscription Professional Subscription
Member of AEA Non-Member of AEA It is advisable to add 500€ if the organization is not member with the up to date AEA of its 2011 contribution
Before 09/11/2011 After 09/11/2011 Before 09/11/2011 After 09/11/2011
Participant 150 € 275 € 275 € 400 € +150 € / person
CoAuthor 75 € 200 € 200 € 325 € +75 € / person
Accompanying Person /// /// 60 € 60 € + 60 € / person

These prices mentioned above include lunches, breaks, reception, as well as scientific documentation (all the texts presented). Accompanying Person are not member of the Association and don't receive any scientific documentation.

Modes of payment

The banking checks and transfers coming from a bank located in France, the payment by Visa card or Mastercard (exclusively) are accepted without additional expenses.
For other means payment of seeing initially with theAEA: AEA(at)
Bank transfert must be made "FREE of CHARGES" for our Association, the average additional cost must be added to the amount.

Banking references : Crédit Lyonnais 30002-Paris Friedland
Agency W423 bank account n° 0000006248L(RIB 50 )
[ 3002 - 00423 - 0000006248L - 50 - CL Paris Anjou ]
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